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How to rule the Internet using online video

Client Communication and Producing Teamwork

Rollo Wenlock started Wipster after staring out of his dusty window and he’s never looked back. We recently chatted with him about working with clients and using technology to create better videos. Here are some highlights of that conversation.Read More

6 Scientific Reasons Online Video Connects With Viewers

We already know that online video is more exciting than text, but what’s really going in your brain when you’re watching video. Let’s dive in and explore 6 scientific reasons why video is the best way to connect with your audience.Read More

Telling Stories and Making Connections with Video

Recently, we were lucky enough to sit down with Patrick Moreau of Stillmotion and Muse Storytelling Inc. to chat more about storytelling and video production. Here are some highlights of that conversation.Read More

How Much Content Should Your Explainer Video Cover? [Interactive Video]

The length of your corporate video is directly affected by the amount of content you are looking to cover. Determining that perfect amount of content is never easy. However, here are three quick tips to help you avoid saying too much or saying too little in your video.Read More

Starting an Agency and the Problem with Feedback

Uri Ratner is the founder of Nelson Cash, a creative agency based in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. We sat down with him to talk shop and hear his perspective on creative work. Here are the highlights from that conversation.Read More

Video Marketing Success at Medrio

Since Medrio has been such an awesome business video partner, we decided to fly out to San Francisco to learn a little bit more about how they’re using video, what effect it’s had on their business, and what type of reactions these exciting animations have gotten in a seemingly tame industry.Read More

Why You Can (and Should) Spend More Money on Your Explainer Video

Spending tens of thousands of dollars on a video is nothing to sneeze at. So why should you spend that kind of cash when you can find plenty of companies charging just a few thousand (or even hundred)? Here are 7 good reasons you can, and should, spend more money on your explainer video.Read More

The 6 Best (Fake) Corporate Videos Ever

At Demo Duck, we take our video projects seriously, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously. So we decided to create a list of fake, and very funny, corporate videos. Featuring an animated explainer video for a “new startup”, a product launch video from a tech giant, and a bunch of laughs in between – here are six of our favorites ever made.Read More

Why Do Live Action Videos Cost So Much?

When a client hears how much more it costs to make a live action video compared to animation, they’re often dumbfounded about the origins of that price gap. Hopefully this post will help marketers calculate a more accurate budget before contacting prospective video partners.Read More

The Business of Video at InVision

‘The Business of Video’ is our blog series that shines a light on cool companies and the awesome things they’re doing with video. For this entry, we sat down with Andy Orsow to learn more about how InVision is educating through video, how he works, and how he defines success in his projects.Read More