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Video Tech Trends To Watch

Expert Round-up: 7 Video Tech Trends To Watch for in 2017

This is probably what you’re thinking, “Another ‘tech trends to watch for in 2017’ list. NEXT!” We know, we know, but we couldn’t help it. 2017 is going to be a big year for video technology. With phones having amazing cameras and interactive video adoption on the rise, video for business is entering a new…

Client Communication and Producing Teamwork

Client Communication and Producing Teamwork

Rollo Wenlock started Wipster after staring out of his dusty window and he’s never looked back. We recently chatted with him about working with clients and using technology to create better videos. Here are some highlights of that conversation.

Medrio - Video Marketing Success Story

Video Marketing Success at Medrio

Since Medrio has been such an awesome business video partner, we decided to fly out to San Francisco to learn a little bit more about how they’re using video, what effect it’s had on their business, and what type of reactions these exciting animations have gotten in a seemingly tame industry.

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