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Creative and Complex

Why Complexity in Animation Doesn’t Always Equal Creativity

  We’re going to talk about the three Cs: Creativity, Complexity, and Cost in animated videos. Today, I’m mainly going to focus on Complexity in animation. It’s quantitative yet ignored, which makes it interestingly different from Creativity and Cost, but all three are very connected. What do we mean exactly? Complexity is often seen as…

The Ultimate Guide to a Rush Video Project

Here’s a snippet of a conversation that we’ve been having a lot recently: “We don’t want to skimp on the creativity or quality but….” [Demo Duck team holds breath] “…we need this video done in a month.” Now, a month for a video for your business isn’t an unrealistic request. In fact, we’ve created many…

marmoset music licensing image one

How To License Music for Your Video

This is a guest post from our great friends over at Marmoset. If you’re a business filmmaker, chances are you’ve struggled with finding the perfect soundtrack for your videos. Business-focused videos can come with a range of challenging factors that you wouldn’t normally have to deal with in other creative projects, including: short length, animation,…

Demo Duck Homepage Video

Behind The Scenes: Our New Homepage Video

When we recently decided to create a new homepage video for ourselves we weren’t sure exactly what we wanted. With a little bit of magic, a great team, and some fun tunes we created something our entire team could get behind and our business would benefit from. Here’s how it all came together.

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