The Ultimate Battle: Live Action vs. Animation

I know you’re just sitting there, agonizing over the style of your upcoming explainer video. Your brain keeps asking…

“Live-action explainer video…or animated explainer video? Live action…or animation?”

I’m sure many sleepless nights have been tormented by this question (ok, maybe not, but stay with me here).

Well by golly, thank goodness you found this blog so that you can get your life back on track.

Ok, ok, so that question may not torment you, but it’s still one that we get quite often. The truth is there is no easy answer (sorry!), but we’ve attempted to put the two styles head to head for the ultimate battle of Live-Action Explainer Video vs. Animated Explainer Video, in the latest installment in our vlog series.

Video Transcript:

If you’re considering making an explainer video, the first question that might pop into your head is whether you should use…

Live action or animation?!…. Live action or animation?!…

We get this question all. the. time.

The answer really depends on what you do, and who your audience is. But let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each.

Live Action is a good way to demonstrate a tangible product or service.

Take Oven-2-Table for example. We did a Live Action video for them because they have a tangible product to sell (in this case, it was bread). When given the option, most people would probably rather see a product or service in action than see it as an illustration.

Live Action is also a great tool for connecting with your audience, especially if you run a personal business, like a consulting firm, or a restaurant. People like seeing other people. It gives them an emotional connection, which can be powerful and effective when telling your story.

On the flip side, Live Action can be somewhat limiting.

Say you want to have a duck fly through the sky with a cape on. This is very difficult with Live video. VERY. Difficult.

With animation, you can do just about anything. It works well for tech companies and web services, and it’s a great way of demonstrating something abstract or conceptual, like a “cloud” service.

Animation makes it easy to brand your video. By using similar colors, styles, and themes, your video can fit in seamlessly with your website and marketing materials.

And if your product or service is constantly evolving, it’s easier to make an update to an animated video down the road than it is to a live one.

So there it is. Animation vs. Live Action.

Whether you’re selling duck capes or cloud services, both have their unique benefits, but either one can be a great tool for marketing your company!

Video Blog Music: “Rythme Gitan” by Latché Swing

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