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4 Reasons Why an Explainer Video Will Smoke Your Elevator Pitch

Quick—tell me what your company does in one sentence.  Oh yeah, it had better be good, or I’ll forget what you said in about three seconds.  That’s the concept behind elevator pitches—the ability to sum up what your business does quickly and succinctly.  But in reality, elevator pitches haven’t exactly pushed businesses to the goal line.

Luckily, technology has improved the elevator pitch in something called explainer videos.  These short, animated videos have the ability to quickly catch a viewer’s attention and increase a website’s conversion rate.  Still stuck in the elevator?  Here are four reasons why an explainer video is better than an elevator pitch.

The Information Stays With Them

According to the Wharton Research Center, you’ll retain a mere 10 percent of what you hear verbally, but when you add in visuals, the retention rate skyrockets to 50 percent. Now, combine that with a survey that Forbes did in 2010 (PDF) that shows 60 percent of business people will watch a video instead of read the text on the same webpage, and you’ll understand why explainer videos have caught the attention of just about everyone.  The numbers are simple—the better people retain the information about your company, the more likely they’ll be to remember you when they’re ready to buy.

They Go Viral

When’s the last time you heard a conversation about a great elevator pitch someone heard on the way to a party?  People don’t generally have an incentive to pass along a verbal account of someone’s business, but an explainer video is another story.  The right video at the right time can quickly go viral, spreading the word of your business at an unimaginable speed. (Think: vacuum cleaner video, 4 million views to date.)   People will pass along the link to friends, family and business associates who might be in the market for your product or service.  The amount of people that an animated video can reach is virtually unlimited.

They’re Not Boring

What was your instinct the last time someone tried to pitch you about their company?  Does it start with an “R,” followed quickly by a “u” and an “n?”  That’s most people’s reaction, although many will politely sit through the pitch, thinking about their next golf game or grocery list.  The truth is, no matter how long you work on your verbal pitch, it’s probably not going to land you the next big client.  An explainer video, on the other hand—especially one that uses animation video techniques—will likely grab their attention, and if it does the job it’s intended to do, will convert them into a client.

They Think They’re in Control

Being forced to listen to someone’s business pitch can be uncomfortable, but when you can listen to it on your own terms, it’s an entirely different thing.  People look for information online when they want to know more about a topic, or when they’re conducting research about a product or service in preparation to make a purchase.  The secret is that these shoppers believe they’re in control, but the truth is, if you present them with an explainer video at this time, such as an animated video that perfectly explains your product or service, your odds of closing the deal greatly increase.

It’s not difficult to figure out why explainer videos are the hottest new trend in marketing.  The animated videos are perfect for consumers who are looking for quick facts in an entertaining format. Are you ready to step out of the elevator?

Written by Suzanne Kearns
Suzanne has been a full-time freelance writer for 20 years. She’s written for numerous business and financial publications such as Entrepreneur, Reason Magazine, Home Business Magazine, Intuit, and Money Crashers. You can reach her at [email protected].