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The Advanced Guide For Choosing a Video Production Company

With so many video production companies offering explainer videos and so many different styles and price points to choose from, how do you shortlist and choose one company to help you make your explainer video? The answer might surprise you.

The secret ingredient is the right mix of culture, creativity and communication. And while production quality and ability to do the job are crucial factors, they are not always differentiating factors.

Here are 5 ways that you can evaluate a video production company:

Evaluate Video Production Companies

1.  Do they care about my company?

Start by speaking to someone at the company you’re considering – within minutes you’ll know if they give you personal attention and ask pertinent questions about your company. These factors will show you if they are genuinely interested in you or if you are just another lead to them.

2.  Do they have fresh and creative ideas?

You obviously want your explainer video to stand out and be somewhat different than all the other videos out there. What will give it that extra spark? What’ll make it stand out from the crowd? A great creative team, that’s what!

Try and find a company who will strive to create something unique for you rather than put you on a production line. Just ask them to pitch you a few ideas – this little test will tell you if they can come up with creative ideas.

3.  Is there a culture fit?

Considering that your explainer video will be showcasing who you are, it would be appropriate to find a production company that shares the same values and culture as you. Imagine how much easier it would be (and fun!) to collaborate on a video if you both spoke the same language and shared similar philosophies. You can find a company that is a good culture fit by talking with them, reading their blog, meeting with them and reviewing their work.

4.  How is the production quality?

The items you want to look for here include video and audio production quality. Do the animations look smooth and polished versus crude and stilted? Is the audio clearly audible? Does the music complement and enhance the video? If it’s a live action video, does it look like it was professionally shot? Is it well-lit? Are the visuals from a clip art or stock library or do they look custom-made? Is the animation fluid and creative?

There’s no right or wrong way to approach this – just look for things that appeal to you. If you like their sample video and it fits in well with your vision for the product, then it could be a good partnership.

5.  Do they fit my budget?

There are as many price points for explainer videos as there are production companies, which is to say hundreds! Since you’ll find prices in every range to suit virtually every budget, it’s important to know exactly what you’ll get for your money. Ask for a production breakdown and check out some expected costs for live action videos and animated explainer videos.

Written by Salma Jafri
Salma Jafri is Chief Dragon over at She specializes in helping her content marketing clients get more value from their content – be it online videos, social media or blogging. And yes, apparently Dragons and Ducks do get along! Follow Salma on Twitter and Google+ for a dose of zany marketing nuggets.