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Technori Pitch Event

On Tuesday the 25th I was lucky enough to get tickets to the sold-out October Technori Pitch, an event in Chicago which gives exposure to area start-ups both new and old.  Six out of the seven presenting start-ups were launching that day, so the emphasis was on new ideas , whether they be mobile apps, consumer oriented services, or even resources for other start-ups.

A few of the presenters had demos which showed off their product, and I could see many audience members furiously searching their smart phone app stores to find these new and interesting gems.  The audience of 500 included members of start-ups, developers, business professionals, and even some representatives from the events location host, J.P. Morgan Chase.  After each pitch there was a Q&A section that was actually orderly and efficient.  Rather than passing a microphone to audience members, questions were submitted and voted upon by audience members through a web service.  The result was quick and succinct segments keeping the show rolling.

Over all some great new ideas and improvements were presented.  You can read some of the audience and participant reactions on Twitter.  If you’re interested in checking it out, the next event should be on Tuesday, November 28th at the Chase Auditorium . No word yet about the details, so keep your eyes on for updates.

Written by Stephan Vandenbroucke
Stephan is a Level 6 Project Manager. Okay, the title is made up, but he’s really good. Don’t believe it? Send us your money and he’ll show you. He also loves rocks and puns. Follow Demo Duck on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.