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Tools of the Craft: Episode 3 – Wipster

COLIN: Welcome to tools? Yeah?

THERESA: To tools [laughs].

BOTH: Welcome to ‘Tools of the Craft’.

COLIN: I’m Colin.

THERESA: I’m Theresa.

COLIN: Today we’re gonna be talking about a tool-

THERESA: While making a craft.

THERESA: Today’s tool is Wipster. Wipster is a video review tool that we use internally and with our clients for a lot of our video productions.

COLIN: Well, do you want to do the honors and grab the mystery box?

THERESA: Yes, let’s see what is in the box.

COLIN: Bust it out.

THERESA: Let’s look inside. We got some pens. This seems serious.

COLIN: Some sticky pads. Post-it Notes, that’s the word I was looking for.


COLIN: Looks like we’re making…if you haven’t guessed yet …

THERESA: Flipbooks.

COLIN: Whoa, that’s so flipping exciting.

THERESA: Here you have a little stick man jumping.

COLIN: Stick man jumping, huh?

THERESA: Time to get crafting. We have a note that says, don’t draw here. We’re not going to draw at the top.

COLIN: That’s our safe margin up here.

How does your team use Wipster?

COLIN: So for the main feature of Wipster, when you add comments, it’s pretty straightforward. You just pause or click on a frame while a video is playing, and wherever it is in that frame, you can add a comment. If there’s a specific element in the frame, you can actually drag and drop where your comment is. Okay, this pylon, can we change the color from white to blue? Where there’s a little-

THERESA: Did you say pylon?

COLIN: Yeah, if there’s a pylon in the background.

THERESA: That’s not something I really think about.

COLIN: Well, I don’t know why I did think of it. I don’t know why I did think of it, but …

How does Wipster fit into your video production process?

THERESA: Demo Duck will review a video, perhaps an explainer video or testimonial video, and we can just add our comments in there, send that Wipster link off to our freelancers, and they have everything there. Again, we can do discussions right there in Wipster.

COLIN: Yeah, so I think working backward is actually not helping me.

THERESA: Ooh, interesting.

COLIN: Controversy. My favorite feature within Wipster is probably that finished reviewing checkbox, just because I like to get that notification and it just makes things a little bit cleaner. You can just click it, go about your day, and I know that it’s done. So I just like how clean it is.

What’s your favorite Wipster feature?

THERESA: My favorite feature is the versioning. Just upload new versions right on top of the old one. It makes it easy to know what’s the most current version, and then also, if I need to go back and review a previous version, I can just flip a switch and it’s right there with all of the comments in there ready to go.

COLIN: Are you almost done?

THERESA: I am almost done, yeah.

COLIN: Wrapping up the last frame, or at least faking it, that I’m finishing up the last frame. We present it now?

THERESA: Pencils down.

COLIN: Pencils down.

THERESA: Pencils down.

COLIN: So I did a little retro, went back and did a Pong match if you will-

THERESA: Oh nice.

COLIN: If you’re familiar. I’m pretty happy with it. What did you do?

THERESA: I did a duck.

COLIN: Oh snap.

THERESA: First thing that came to my head, since we have a lot of ducks around here.

COLIN: Quack.

THERESA: Ooh, nice.

COLIN: Oh wow, exit frame is back into frame, and then you try to get ‘Quack’ as a fill there. That’s pretty good.

Tool review

THERESA: I would rate Wipster seven-and-a-half flip books, yeah.

COLIN: I’ll go full eight because I don’t think we’re utilizing it to the best of its abilities. So eight flip books for me.

COLIN: Wipster was the tool.

THERESA: Flipbooks was the craft.

COLIN: And this was tools of the craft.

THERESA: See you next time.

Written by Colin Hogan
Colin is the Managing Director at Demo Duck, a Chicago-based video production company, who has a deep obsession with making videos as often as possible. Follow Demo Duck on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.