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Video Marketing Success at Medrio

Demo Duck first started working with Medrio in the summer of 2014. Since that first animated video, we’ve created more than a dozen animations with them featuring a wide range of quirky characters. We’ve introduced the world to Dr. Good Data, his sidekick Francois, the VEEP, and there’s more to come.

Working with the Medrio team we’ve also produced a wide range of video types. A homepage video, some explainer videos, event/trade show videos, and product videos. They’ve always allowed us to flex our creative muscles, while providing direction on their products and goals.


Since they’ve been such an awesome business video partner, we decided to fly out to San Francisco to learn a little bit more about how they’re using video, what effect it’s had on their business, and what type of reactions these exciting animations have gotten in a seemingly tame industry.

Demo Duck (DD): So, tell us about Medrio.

MEGAN LOMAZZI, ASSOCIATE MANAGER MARKETING EVENTS: We are a b2b company, and I don’t think we do things like other b2b companies at all…in a really good way. We have things like our mascot, Dr. Good Data, and these fun cartoon videos, that you generally see a lot in more B2C type of companies. So, I think that’s something that definitely makes us stand out.

DD: How is video part of your marketing plan?

SCOTT WEIDLEY, VP OF SALES, MARKETING, & CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Medrio really wants to offer ourselves as a solution rather than a tool, and the videos really highlight the high level value prop. The fact that Medrio is faster, easier to use and the total cost of ownership is so much lower, which is something you can’t really see from a spec sheet.

DD: How does video help you at events and trade shows?

JAMES HARRISON, MARKETING CONSULTANT: It’s basically become part of our process. We’re on a cycle where we have a different theme for the year and different trade shows. Recently we had an explorer and jungle theme to go along with our idea of The Extinction of Paper in Clinical Research.

We basically looped that video in the background of our booth on a big screen TV and as people approached our team was trained to engage with them.

MEGAN: We’d say “Hey have you heard about Medrio? Come look at our software.” It was definitely a really good initial conversation piece that draws people in.

DD: Has video proven to be an effective marketing tool?

KELLY ARBUCKLE, TECHNICAL SALES MANAGER: You can see an inflection point from when we started using DGD and the video collateral to today, and it’s really taken off.

SCOTT: The videos are satisfying many audiences. Internally it does very well. With the advocates of our software, our end users, they like them and find them entertaining. But the high level employees that are our customers, many of the decision makers and C-level folks, understand it’s a clever way to get across the value prop.


MEGAN: Someone watching that video is actually going to be learning why Medrio is better than the other EDC out there and why they should choose us.

DD: What are your customers saying about the videos?

SCOTT: One specific customer once said to me, “You know data management is for geeks and we deal with a lot of numbers, but we like to think we’re cool, so it’s nice to have a company that’s in touch with that and doing some fun stuff.”

Demo Duck is always looking for our next great video partner, because it’s not about making one explainer video and moving on to other forms of marketing, you need to create videos for every step of your customer’s buying journey.

What can we create together? Get in touch and let’s find out!

Written by Colin Hogan
Colin is the Managing Director at Demo Duck, a Chicago-based video production company, who has a deep obsession with making videos as often as possible. Follow Demo Duck on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.