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Web Video and Inbound Marketing

After reading through articles on Mashable, I came across a posting with this infographic.  It tries to explain the rise of new marketing strategy.  The new rule is that marketers must earn customer interest because people’s habits have changed.

I’ll have to cast my vote as believing this.  While in the 90’s I would have put up with closing numerous pop-up ads on my favorite websites, now it would drive me to a different one.  My lifestyle, and those of many other people has changed drastically in the last decade.  We have On-Demand television and Streaming Movies, cellphones instead of land lines, iPods rather than radios.  The impact of all these: skipping advertisements.

These changes are creating an environment where individuals have very large amounts of choice in whether or not they even view marketing.  Luckily, web video is relevant and can lead to opt-in viewers.  Humor and visually interesting animation can spark interest, which is vital to maintaining engagement.  Video also allows it’s creators to easily apply a style or tone, which is easily picked up by viewers, and helps set a brand for a company.

Social media is an important aspect to the success of a video as well.  If it is crafted and explains a product well, or even if it is humorous and makes people laugh, a video can be passed around among groups of friends or reposted and spread virally.

The moral of the story is to make sure that your marketing video is interesting and engaging since potential customers have the choice to click away.

Written by Stephan Vandenbroucke
Stephan is a Level 6 Project Manager. Okay, the title is made up, but he’s really good. Don’t believe it? Send us your money and he’ll show you. He also loves rocks and puns. Follow Demo Duck on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.