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You’ve Got Vmail – Video Email Basics

The term vmail, in the past, would have passed for an abbreviation for voicemail. But the vmail I’m referencing is an emerging method that business people and marketers are using to enhance traditional email with video. It can help to increase the impact of, interest in, and conversion rate of, their message.

Take a look at the results of research from email marketing company GetResponse. Among small businesses in particular, less than 20% reported that they have not used video in their email nor do they plan to in the next year. That means that just over 80% of small businesses are already incorporating video in email, or have plans to.


The statistics show that video use in email is on the rise and, when it matches the company brand, can be much more effective than traditional text-only methods. In particular it’s a great way to send out training videos or demo a new product. Nearly half believe it significantly increases conversion rates. But, as is always the case, it must be done right, and Wistia gives a quick checklist of four considerations when making a video:

  1. Add value to the viewer’s experience
  2. Achieve campaign objectives
  3. Match the brand experience
  4. Have a reasonable bandwidth

With the rise of business interest in using video in email, we should see a corresponding increase in the number of methods, and companies, that make adding video easy. Companies like MailVU are already there and Google’s gmail will automatically embed video linked from its video branch YouTube.

If you have yet to use video email, it’s time to start considering it. Just be sure to maintain consistency in your brand and image.

Update: In case you’re still hesitant about mixing email and video, the writer of this postclaims to have increased click-through rates on her emails by 50% by incorporating video.

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