Startup Video Production

You need to grow fast. Video will get you there.

Why startups work with Demo Duck

As a bootstrapped company that started in a spare bedroom in Chicago, we’re passionate about big ideas, and we love helping startups figure out how to grow using video.

In order to move the needle, you need a video partner that understands the full customer journey. From an explainer video encouraging trials to branded content cultivating loyalty, we got you and your customers covered.

What startups have you worked with?

We’ve worked with great startups from all over! Otus, Modernize, Sealed, Clean Coders, Showpad, Uptake, Breadcrumb, AnswerRocket, Zipongo, CariClub, Clink, Zola, are just a few.

How much does a startup video production cost?

It depends on length and style. If you want live-action, it will be between $35,000-$60,000. Or, if you decide to use animation, it will be closer to $16,000-$25,000.

How long does the startup video production usually take?

With concepting, scripting, and production, our video production process takes between 6-12 weeks depending on length, style, and complexity. As your video partner, we make sure that business goals are stated right away to maximize your ROI.

You’re ready for the leap. Video can help you scale.

You’re moving a mile a minute – growing your development team, building awareness for your product or service, and are hyper-focused on increasing revenue and users. Creating a video shouldn’t bog you down, it should provide momentum to get you where you need to go.

Video is a great piece to any strategy. An explainer video is an easy to tell your company’s unique selling point, while also helping convert website visitors into customers. A company testimonial or overview video attracts the right kind of talent for your team. Commercial productions carves out your niche in the market.

See some of our startup video work:

Surge: Animated Explainer Video

Reel You: Animated Explainer Video

Workframe: Animated Explainer Video

Impexium: Animated Explainer Video

Temforce: Animated Demo Sizzle

Prisidio: Animated Explainer Video

AWeber: Live Action Production

Showpad: Live Action Explainer Video

Seraphic: Animated Explainer Video

Clear expectations, professional team, and a really fantastic final video.

Sierra Turner, Pear Deck

Pear Deck Startup Animation