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You’re making a difference. Share your story with video.

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Video helps build connection.

You spend every day in and out helping others in need — isn’t it time that the world heard your story? A video for your nonprofit can build awareness, advocate for your cause, educate others on important issues, and create momentum for fundraising. It’s about the people you serve, not the organization itself, and we understand that level of dedication.

CCF explainer video production partnership with Demo Duck

Nonprofit Partner Showcase

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation needed educational videos on a pretty sensitive topic that were still entertaining and informative (and definitely not embarrassing). In six months, we created nine videos that patients and caregivers actually want to watch.

See some of our nonprofit video productions:

Pediatrics Animation by nonprofit video production agency

Why nonprofits work with Demo Duck

We believe video is about people for people — as a Chicago-based video production company, we fully engage in giving back to our community. Every year we select a nonprofit to donate to, volunteer for, or produce a video with. Because for us, helping others isn’t something that’s nice to do, it’s something everyone should do.

RefugeeOne NonProfit Video production

Types of nonprofits we work with

  • Nationwide organizations and foundations
  • International organizations and foundations
  • Healthcare nonprofits and organizations
  • Educational nonprofits
  • Environmental nonprofits
  • Arts & Culture nonprofits
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What are the common types of nonprofit video productions?

We do it all! We’re a public service announcement (PSA) video production company, an educational video production company, and we help nonprofits with their video storytelling through testimonials, explainer videos, commercials, and more. If you have a mission for your video, we want to be your partner!

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How much does a nonprofit video production cost?

Depending on style, length, and complexity, you can expect to spend between $12,000-$20,000 per video. It may sound like a lot, but trust us, telling your story is worth the investment. We always partner with nonprofit organizations to maximize the budget, without compromising the message. Want to talk more? Give us a call!

How long does the nonprofit video production process take?

The typical timeline for nonprofit video production is 6-12 weeks, though it can be longer if there is a lot of red tape to sort through (i.e. grantor reviews). We recommend for testimonials to have participants scheduled at the beginning of the project to assure that everything stays on time.

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