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Northwestern Mutual financial explainer video production

Meet Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual is one of the largest financial services organizations in the country. They provide everything from insurance to investments to financial planning, all in one place. In 2015, Northwestern Mutual acquired LearnVest, a financial services company that empowers everyone to take control of their personal finances through expert advice and various resources.

About the partnership

LearnVest approached Demo Duck about two educational video series they were producing for Northwestern Mutual’s social channels. They wanted to break down common financial questions and terminology in easy to understand, bite sized pieces of branded video content. Thus, ‘Your Money Minute’ and ‘Step-By-Step’ were born!

NWM explainer video series by Demo Duck

Your Money Minute Animated Series

When the video runtime is included in the title of the social video series, you know you’ll need to be direct with your messaging. For these mixed media explainer videos about various financial topics, we wanted to make sure the audience received some important high-level info in a fun and creative way. Because they’re considered branded video content, we wanted to make sure they didn’t come off as selling a specific product or service.

Watch Videos from the Your Money Minute Animated Series

SBS financial explainer video series production by Demo Duck

Step by Step Animated Series

Similar to the above campaign in terms of design, this educational video series focuses on providing people specific steps to improve their financial well-being. Each explainer video in the series includes a dollop of personality right along side a healthy serving of valuable financial content.

Watch Videos from the Step by Step Animated Series

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