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Frozen food doesn't have to be blah food and with this animated explainer video, we found a way to get people excited about a healthy new option that will make meals a breeze.

915 Labs animated explainer video by Demo Duck

The challenge:

Through their MATS technology, 915 Labs has created a whole new way food can be packaged, stored, and sold. However, when people think about food they aren’t usually interested in learning about the in’s and out’s of a very scientific process that goes into getting the food looking and tasting a certain way. So, we had to demonstrate this awesome advancement without getting too involved in the finer details for our script or too technical in the visuals.

The solution:

We approached this project with the mindset that a clean design and future-focused script would provide just enough intrigue for the viewer to want to follow up on the call-to-action to learn more. Often times with explainer video animations, the “How It Works” section of the video takes a little time to give viewers detailed insight into the full user experience of the product or service. For 915 Labs, we decided to keep the content slightly higher-level and focus more time on what the future could look like when MATS technology is used by more companies in the food industry. The result is an easy-to-watch, clean (and clean-label filled) animated explainer video.

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