Animated Ad

A fun, whimsical video to highlight some key features of Zocdoc.


Style: 2D + Cel Animation
Length: 0:30

The Challenge

Zocdoc challenged us with finding a way to quickly show patients that with online booking, they can set up a doctor’s appointment anytime, anywhere–without the hassle of calling. Is was important that the video show patients using Zocdoc’s booking feature in a range of places and scenarios. With a few other Zocdoc videos under our belt, we knew we could pitch them something with personality, and they’d be down. On top of all that, we’d been looking for an excuse to use our rhyming dictionary.

The Solution

There are a lot of famous doctors out there, but none quite as good at telling stories as Dr. Seuss. From the moment we read the creative brief, Green Eggs and Ham came to mind. As the original listicle of places and scenarios, the beloved children’s book gave us our inspiration for this video. Naturally, the narrator had to be a wise, old, Lorax-like doctor. Our animator helped us take it to the next level by using cel animation to bring our doctor (and his mustache) to life.

Behind the Scenes

Character animation test by Zak Tiejen
Character animation test by Zak Tiejen
Mouth animation by Zak Teijen
Mouth animation by Zak Teijen
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