BDO Belt Railway Testimonial Video

Customer Testimonial Video

A video that uses drone footage and compelling interviews as it chugs along.

The Challenge

Not too far from Midway airport sits the offices of the Belt Railway, who had recently partnered with BDO to transform their digital solutions. While they have a complex network, in a historied industry, how could we discuss their partnership in an engaging and clear way for all audiences?

The Solution

While so many trains coming and going through the Belt Railway, we felt drone footage would be the best way to communicate the vastness of their logistics, supplement our interview footage with engaging visuals, and create enough variance across our b-roll to keep momentum through the video. In addition to that, we also recorded interviews with both the Belt and BDO teams to better communicate their partnership and featured shots of the many screens inside of the Belt office to demonstrate the importance of an accurate and efficient digital solution.

Behind the scenes

BDO Belt Testimonial Video Wide
BDO Belt Testimonial Video Production sun
Interior photography