Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthy Lunches

Animated Explainer Video

Health is the biggest gift you can give yourself and your family. Why wait? Start “lunching” healthy today.

Style: Mixed Media
Length: 1:40

The Challenge

Blue Cross Blue Shield publishes educational video content for their customers called eCards for Health. They needed to come up with a few new video content ideas to add to the site, and came to us for inspiration.

The Solution

Throughout the week, the entire team struggles to come up with fresh, healthy lunch ideas, which informed the concept we ended up pitching to BlueCross. Once the concept was locked, we did our research and developed a unique visual style pairing live-action video with colorful 3D objects. The result is a fun, non-traditional approach to a topic most of us deal with on a daily basis.

I really appreciated how you all spent time getting to know our tone and style BEFORE diving into the concepting and story-boarding work. It meant that you gave us three really strong, thoughtful options to consider. Often I find we have to give a lot of additional guidance on the first round deliverables when working with new partners, but with you all that wasn’t the case.

- David Keeling, EdNavigator

Behind the scenes

3d animations blue cross blue shield
animations blue cross blue shield