CampusNexus Engage

Animated Explainer Video

Students are always changing. And as they grow, institutions need to be there to support them. We created a video that demonstrates how CampusNexus Engage—a CRM information system—helps colleges and universities create a personalized experience for their students.

Style: 2D Animation

The Challenge

CampusNexus Engage is a CRM solution that creates a holistic view of students—their interests, their activities and more. And with these insights, educators can better drive student success and respond to their needs proactively.

We were tasked with creating an animated explainer video that communicated the benefits of CampusNexus Engage, while also capturing a contemporary snapshot of higher education. After all, it’s not just frisbee on the quad these days. More and more students are enrolling in online courses—many as adults continuing their college education.

The Solution

We showed scenes of students reaching a variety of milestones in their unique academic careers. Orientation. Passing a big exam. This approach naturally showcased how CampusNexus Engage delivers value through the full student lifecycle, while also appealing to the emotions of our audience. Our diverse cast of student characters existed in abstracted environments, allowing us to not tie our visuals to one specific campus setting.

Behind the scenes

storyboards with people working and headshots
kid graduating and man giving presentation
illustration of people standing