Dropbox for Business - Demo Duck


Animated Explainer Video

We're a company that moves a lot of big files across the cloud, so when Dropbox came looking for a video, we were all in. This sophisticated animation helped Dropbox define the B2B side of their online storage business.

The challenge:

Dropbox is a consumer cloud storage product that many people already know and love. But, when they decided to take on the corporate market, they needed a video to help explain the power of their technology for businesses.

The solution:

Like any good explainer video, we setup the problem and made sure the pain points would resonate with the target audience – lost files, misplaced USB keys and emailing attachments. From there, we shift focus to the benefits of Dropbox for Business, how simple it is to use and how it makes doing business from anywhere easier. The colorful 3D illustrations and flowing transitions help retain viewer engagement and deliver a compelling message.

2D/3D Animation

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Laura Irons
Director of Partnerships