Demo Duck Homepage Video

Animated Explainer Video

How do we share our love of explainer videos while also bolstering our other video capabilities — well, with a well-designed and fun explainer video of course!

Style: Variety
Length: 1:11

The Challenge

It was important to us to showcase ourselves as a video partner, not just a video vendor, while also demonstrating that we can make videos in all sorts of styles. On top of that, we wanted the video to be fun, multi-purposeful, and keep our brand voice alive and interesting. Let’s just say that our ambitious nature really showed through when we laid out all of our business goals, but we were pretty excited to give it a try.

Oh, and we wanted to give songwriting a shot, so there’s that too.

The Solution

We put ourselves through the same process that we ask of our clients and filled out the creative brief and assembled a team we knew could get the job done (it included, of course, a professional musician). To highlight the variety of our work, we assigned a single lyric line to each different design style: 2D, stop motion, line art, 3D, and more. When we added the animation, we had to move away from the typical linear motion and decided to be playful with each scene on its own. In the end, we got to work with a lot of great people and have a video project we could be proud of.

Behind the scenes

abstract illustration
Plant Shot Animated Explainer Demo Duck
Smiling Face from Animated Explainer Homepage Video
Storyboard for DD Animated Homepage Video