Happy Cards

Commercial Ad

Style: Live Action Stop Motion
Length: 0:30

A live action commercial created to display the gift cards options available for various recipients.

The Challenge

Maybe you’ve haven’t heard the name Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, but you’ve definitely interacted with their products. You know the rack of gift cards you see in the grocery store checkout aisle? That’s them. They’re the undisputed gift card people. And this year they launched Happy Cards, which is like a gift card on a sugar high—multiple brands in one card catered to the recipient type. They called us up to make a fun, poppy TV spot to launch Happy Cards nationwide. And since Happy Cards are a brand new product, we got the chance to help them make a powerful first impression on consumers. They asked us to embody happiness in a TV spot and show how giving Happy Cards means you’re giving recipients choices.

The Solution

We decided to leverage a stop motion style, featuring real people, that featured them traveling across space and time to different "venues" listed on each card. Filmed over the course of a day in a Chicago-based studio, we had a wonderful time putting this together with our talent and applying the graphics in post, all in the matter of a four weeks.

Behind the Scenes