Fictiv Robogym Testimonial

Customer Testimonial Video

One team. One robot. A lot of moving parts.

The Challenge

We found the task at hand for this video, which was clear to us after the pre-interview, was how to capture the camaraderie of these five guys but not lose sight of how Fictiv has helped them build, iterate, and improve their battling robot.

The Solution

In order to best capture the vibe of team Robogym we knew we had to get them all together, instead of performing a few remote interviews since they are a spread out bunch, but we also wanted to ensure they were comfortable. By filming at one of the team members homes over the course of the day, we were able to let them be themselves in familiar environment, show pieces fabricated by Fictiv in the workshop setting, and, perhaps most importantly, alert the neighbors that any fires they saw were indeed intentional.

Behind the scenes