Animated Explainer Video

When it comes to creating a software video, balance is key, and MatrixCare knew they needed something that highlighted the program's features and was visually dynamic.

Style: 2D Animation


The Challenge

When you have doctors, nurses, long-term care providers, specialists, therapists, and family members, it’s easy for communication to become disconnected when it comes to senior care. For CareCommunity, MartrixCare wanted a video that showed how a more connected care network leads to better results and healthier patients. For us that meant creating a concept that showed long-term care customers, their competitive edge, modeling what the software looked like, characters representative of key stakeholders, and the challenge to avoid using the word “care”…nah, just kidding about that one.

The Solution

Since a major selling point of the software is the user interface, it was important to center the animation around it. The morphing UI, along with the minimal design, highlights its usability while allowing for updates as the software develops and the split screen between characters conveys the program’s asynchronicity. To keep the video interesting, the environment of the video moves between device screens to where the core audience is — in senior care facilities, clinics, and homes. This not only helps the core audience feel more connected and but reminds them of how it helps their everyday lives.

Behind the scenes

storyboard of people medical
illustration of hand using tablet medical
illustration of doctor nurse and people on smart phones
abstract ui analytics