Commercial Ad

Showpad is a sales enablement platform with the tools you need to get your teams in sync and drive meaningful customer conversation. Don't expect to read "per my last email" any time soon.

Style: Live Action
Length: 1:33

The Challenge

When it comes to running a successful sales operation, communication is key. But with so many ways to connect and communicate with the people and teams you work with, things can get out of sync pretty fast. Showpad brought us on to help explain why a platform acting as a single source of truth was the best way to get a business back on track. But how do you show the real-world benefits of an entirely digital sales aid?

The Solution

Our live action explainer video concept had to be about more than just the product. Viewers needed to see the folks who use it and how it helps them. We developed characters to represent the most important stakeholders—sales, marketing and the buyer—with their own distinct and colorful office space. Split screens let us show the teams side-by-side but disconnected. Then with the help of Showpad, and some expert editing and direction, they were back to being completely in sync. Plus, a simplified, custom UI let us seamlessly weave the most important product features into our established visual style.

Behind The Scenes

live action commercial explainer video for showpad