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Wheels for Wishes

Animated Explainer Video

This animated video features a child telling the fantastical story of how their beloved car was eventually donated for a good cause. The topic is heavy, but the content is crystal clear and super fun.

The challenge:

Wheels for Wishes wanted to be top of mind when people needed to get rid of an old car, but most think to sell or scrap it. If more people were aware of a quick-and-easy way that also benefited kids suffering from life-threatening illnesses, it would be a no-brainer to know what to do.

The solution:

What better than to show the benefit than through the eyes of a child? The storyline here is what makes this video great: it’s an easy narrative to follow, it portrays a sense of innocence which aligns with their brand, and it creates a deep emotional connection to provoke action.

Wheels for Wishes
2D Animation

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