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2017 Video Survey Results: Video Production & Marketing Stats

Pour some hot cocoa, turn on that Mariah song and swathe yourself in a snuggie. It’s time to look back on the year that was. Well, more specifically, the year in video production. We’ll leave the top albums list to Pitchfork. To say that 2017 was a big year for online video is an understatement.…

Boords’ James Chambers on Storyboards and Side Projects

Imagine that you made a beautiful cake. It’s two feet high, adorned with intricate icing patterns, and sprinkled meticulously with flakes of caramel. It took you quite a bit of time, but it looks fantastic. Now you have to carefully carry that large, heavy cake from the kitchen, across the living room (watch out for…

Creating a Successful Business Video Series

Back when Demo Duck was in its infancy, we grew up right alongside something that would help define our identity. Explainer videos. Our clients loved them, and we loved making them. But we started to feel a little like Oprah. “You get an explainer video! And you get an explainer video! And you get an…

Why Complexity in Animation Doesn’t Always Equal Creativity

Why Complexity in Animation Doesn’t Always Equal Creativity

We’re going to talk about the three Cs: Creativity, Complexity, and Cost in animated videos. Today, I’m mainly going to focus on Complexity in animation. It’s quantitative yet ignored, which makes it interestingly different from Creativity and Cost, but all three are very connected. What do we mean exactly? Complexity is often seen as something…

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