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Creating Corporate Videos That Last


Just like in life, it often feels like the only constant in corporate video is change.

Updating brand guidelines. Revamping product features. Altering the value prop.

When your company decides to change a facet of how you operate, there is probably an urge to change your video marketing efforts to go alongside it. This usually means reworking or redoing a video (or multiple ones) to better fit your “new look.”

This is most likely why a fair amount of people still avoid investing enough time and money in producing an amazing business video – they feel like it’s shelf life is too short. We agree that you never want to overspend or overstretch too early in your company’s existence. But to say that marketing videos need to be constantly updated isn’t necessarily true – it’s more of a case-by-case basis.


We’ve seen some of the videos we’ve produced age right along side us. It’s obviously nice when you don’t have to go back to the drawing board as it pertains to web videos for your business in order to save time. But more importantly, the longer the video lasts the higher your return on this initial marketing investment.

So, let’s take a look at four seasoned corporate video productions (some we produced, some we didn’t) that are still their company’s main homepage vid, why this may be the case, and breakdown some numbers attached to them. We hope this clears up the misconception that homepage videos are gone as quick as they arrive and helps you produce a business video with some staying power.

1. Dollar Shave Club

Posted: March 2012

Summary: One of the most recognizable promotional videos is also one of the most valuable. This video was produced by the founder of Dollar Shave Club, his employees, and a few friends. Although they’ve produced a bunch of other videos in the past years (including some national TV spots) this video still remains front and center on their site.

Why’d It Last: The business model is super simple, Mike still runs the company, and their comedic sensibilities remain to this day. Yes, they have more pricing options and products for sale – but they still have that $1 option, so this video continues to ring true to customers.

The Numbers

Approx. Budget = $4,500

Days Live = 1,300

Daily Investment Amount = $3.46/day

2. Crazy Egg

Posted: February 2013

Summary: As one of the most popular videos we’ve ever made, this 2 minute walk through doesn’t exactly break the mold of the explainer video format and covers a lot of material in the 120 seconds of runtime. It terms of an effective walk-through of an online platform and it’s benefits, we feel like this video set the standard within the explainer world.

Why’d It Last: From a conversational voiceover and script to a mustachioed character that’s fun to watch, this video packages a lot of information in an easily digestible form. Usually when we let people know this video is a bit longer than we recommend, people didn’t even realize it’s longer length because of how quick it feels to watch.

The Numbers

Approx. Budget = $15,000

Days Live = 1,000

Daily Investment Amount = $15/day

3. PEX card

Posted: February 2012

Summary: As the first stop motion video we produced, we hold this PEX card video near to our heart and are glad it’s still on their site. It even inspired us to create a similar video for our sister company, Video Brewery.

Why’d It Last: To us there are three main reasons this video has legs: unique visual style, engaging sound design, and creative motion. It’s by no means flawless, with the light shifting or small handcrafted objects moving in place, but these intentional imperfections (created by Twin Collective and Dustin Bankord) make the video stand out while still establishing credibility for the client.

The Numbers

Initial Investment = $15,000

Days Live = 1,350

Daily Investment Amount = $11.11/day

4. NamoMedia

Posted: November 2013

Summary: NamoMedia helps companies leverage the power of in-stream ads no matter their industry and this allowed us to have some fun in the way we show those industries. This animated walk-through uses colorful, yet simple illustrated mobile phones and UI to tell viewers how other corporations are already making billions of dollars off in-stream ads and encourages them to do the same.

Why’d It Last: There are some playful moments within the animation but this video takes a very straightforward approach to educating viewers, which helps it focus in on letting viewers know they need to take advantage of this technology. It almost makes it feel like you’d be silly not to get in touch with NamoMedia so you can get a piece of this advertising pie.

The Numbers

Initial Investment = $16,000

Days Live = 700

Daily Investment Amount = $20/day


What we love most about these four videos is that they are so diverse in their execution. Design wise we have animation, live action, and stop motion. And tonally we range from funny to functional.

It’s important to keep in mind your core message and figure out the best way to package that for your viewers and industry. If things are in flux for certain features, don’t get into the weeds too much and focus on the higher level mission.

Have you come across any companies that have a rock solid video that’s withstood the test of time? If so, share your videos and thoughts below!

Written by Colin Hogan
Colin is the Managing Director at Demo Duck, a Chicago-based video production company, who has a deep obsession with making videos as often as possible. Follow Demo Duck on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.