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¡Hola from Buenos Aires!

Trying to look hip
Trying to look hip

The ducks have flown south!

We just couldn’t handle the lack of warm weather in Chicago, so we hit the skies and landed in sunny Buenos Aires, Argentina. Why BA, you ask? Well, we decide it was time to pay a visit to some of our wonderful creatives.

Take a peek at what we’ve been up to:

Our first full day in the city, we met up with our tour guide name Mariela, who came highly recommended from Trip Advisor. Mariela showed us around La Recoleta Cemetery, pointing out the famous mausoleums of political figures, cultural icons, and even an old groundskeeper who saved up enough money to be buried in his beloved place of work. She also brought us around the Plaza de Mayo, as well as a famous theater that had been turned into a bookstore, and finally at a traditional old cafe for a cup of sipping chocolate and churros.
Graffiti is a way of life in Buenos Aires. After their economy crashed in the early 2000s people took to the streets, expressing themselves with murals, tags, and stencil art. We caught wind of Buenos Aires based Graffitimundo from an article in the New York Times. Graffitimundo is a non-profit specializing in the preservation and promotion of street art. They offer workshops, tours, and special events throughout the year. We were lucky enough to grab a spot on their popular tour, as well as participate in a stencil workshop. After learning all about the graffiti culture in BA, we’ve been inspired to try some new things here at the Duck, so stay tuned!

But in spite of the tours and churros, the greatest highlight of our trip was meeting with our creatives. We’ve been working with some of them for over 2 years, so it was a pleasure to finally hang out in person. Buenos Aires is a design focused city. Everywhere you walk you see brightly colored buildings, and fascinating murals, so it’s no surprise that the city has so much creative talent. We have so much to say about our creatives (including some interview videos) that we’re going to dedicate more posts on who we met, and what we did!

Written by Laura Irons
When Laura’s not starring in our videos, she’s selling them. Send us an email or give us a call, and you’ll probably talk to her. Make sure to ask about her irrational fear of cotton balls, underwater scenes, and 3D printing. Follow Demo Duck, a Chicago video production company, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.