New Ugly Duckling: Food Truck Freak

It’s been a while since we introduced our latest video offering, the Ugly Duckling. In case you missed it, we’re producing 60-second videos for businesses using a custom jingle and simple animation (stock assets and the like). It’s certainly not for everyone, but at $599 (introductory rate) the price is hard to beat!

Here is our latest Ugly Duckling for a local Chicago company, Food Truck Freak. Enjoy!

If you love food trucks like us
You gotta find a way to find them
Luckily there’s a solution

Locate and communicate
Find the trucks you love
A community for food truck lovers
And the chefs that drive the trucks

Food truck freak
We love the art of food
on wheels

Food truck freak
Where your fanbase can improve

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Laura Irons
Business Development