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New Video: Novusport

We’re proud to show off our latest animated explainer video for the next big thing in sports innovation, Novusport! We really had a lot of fun working on this project and had a chance to play with 3D and try some interesting new effects. Enjoy!

Video Transcription:

Do you have your own sports graph? Not sure?

Novusport is a social media game for athletes and Sport Fans.

As you play, you build a Sports Graph to compare with your family, friends and even sports idols.

Here’s how:

Download the app.

Choose a sport, then select an ActivR.

Check-in at the location where you’ll play and bring a sidekick to video record the ActivR on your smart phone.

Uploading the video validates your skills.

Novusport then calculates your stats and adjusts your Sports Graph based on 10 physical and mental attributes.

As you complete more ActivRs, you earn points and medals and build a virtual trophy room.

You can share your accomplishments and challenge your friends.

Be the best of weekend warriors, the king of neighborhood courts and a Novusport star to your family.

What’s Your Sports Graph?

Sign up today, complete your first ActivR  and see your global rankings at

Written by Andrew Follett
Andrew is the Founder of Demo Duck, a video production agency. He lives in Chicago, loves startups, and enjoys traveling. You can follow him on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.