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Remote Networking: Keyframes & Kegs Mega Reel

Keyframes & Kegs is Demo Duck’s ongoing event series for Chicago-based video and motion creatives. It’s a chance for folks to network, and share their own work, with the creative community. Because of the circumstances surrounding coronavirus, a live event just wasn’t possible this spring. But we knew amazing local work was still being made—even from home. So, we put out the call for video submissions from Chicagoland area creatives to help us build the very cool-sounding, Keyframes & Kegs Mega Reel (cue air horn). It was our way of bringing everyone together, from a safe distance. Check it out!


A special thank you to everyone who submitted their latest projects. Demo Duck is so proud to be able to support local creatives in the Chicago area. If you’d like to see more work from the artists, animators and rockstars in this video, hit one (or many!) of their links below. We’re looking forward to hosting more Keyframes & Kegs events as soon as we’re able.

Tim Whalen / Big Foot Media
Dante Zaballa
David Wall
Josh Van Praag / The Mill
Alejandro De Hoyos Lechuga / ILA Creative
Alex Johnson / The Disruption Society
Brad Backofen / Flavor
Sam Powell / Flightless Bird Creative
Keith Wilson
Zach Landua / The Mill
Jake Mathew
Chas Fries / Polymyth Productions
Jon Silver / ShowPup Network
Erik Jensen / Run Kick Shout
Katrina Zimmerman
Alison Kim
Ollie Mamaril
Dan Moore
Andrew Lucas / ps mediaworks
Devin Hayes
Danny Perry
Sebastian Buffa
Laura Lewis-Barr

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