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5 Quick Tips For Writing A Great Explainer Script [VIDEO]

explainer video script writing

If there’s one thing you need to know before diving into making a video, it’s that the script is the most important part of your process. Seriously.  Want to know the reason horror movies and rom-coms never win awards? It’s because their scripts are a little embarrassing.

Now writing a great commercial video script ain’t easy, especially when it’s your first time at the rodeo. It takes time, creativity, and most importantly patience. That perfect script you were mentally writing in the shower might not look so perfect once you get it down on paper. But, that’s ok! The first, and often hardest step, is getting a basic outline down of what you want to include. Once you know what you want to say, or the story you want to tell, take time time to follow our 5 simple steps to guarantee you get it right.

Now before you get started, one important thing you have to tell yourself is to not be embarrassed about your writing. People can be very shy about their writing (myself included). So before you get started, kick those negative thoughts to the curb! You’re going to have to share your work with people eventually, so you may as well get over those self-critical thoughts now so that they don’t creep in and ruin whatever story magic you have going on in your brain.


Oh, hello. Are you here for the video blog? One second, I’m just finishing up an email.

Uh huh… uh huh…yup…ok…clicking send…and done.

So what do you want to know?

Sure, let me give you 5 quick tips for writing an explainer video script that sells:

Number one: Stay focused.

Limited time means limited content. Focus on covering the essentials and skip the rest.

Number two: Keep it short.

People have very limited attention spans these days, so try to keep it to a minute or less. Hey, stop looking at him.

Number three: Know your audience.

Every good writer understands his or her audience. It’s the only way to write relevant content.

Number four: Use humor wisely.

A little touch of humor, when done right, is a good way to get viewers smiling and engaged.

Number five: Have a call to action.

Make sure to include a clear next step that’s compelling and friction-free.

Remember, a great script is the most important part of any video, so take the time to do it right and everything else should fall into place.

Written by Laura Irons
When Laura’s not starring in our videos, she’s selling them. Send us an email or give us a call, and you’ll probably talk to her. Make sure to ask about her irrational fear of cotton balls, underwater scenes, and 3D printing. Follow Demo Duck, a Chicago video production company, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.