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Liberty Latin America

Internal Communications Video

With community comes responsibility. That's why Liberty Latin America's SpeakUP system makes it easy for internal employees to report incidents about workplace issues like auditing concerns, harassment, theft, and unsafe conditions.

The challenge:

Liberty Latin America is a telecommunications company which services the Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Panama and Chile. They needed an internal communications video to educate their employees on their new employee hotline, and reassure them that all reported questions and concerns would be reviewed and taken seriously. Because employee culture is so fundamental to responsibility, LLA challenged us to emphasize the community formed by LLA employees, all working toward a shared goal. They also wanted the videos to be colorful, multicultural, and fun — just like the Caribbean and Latin America.

The solution:

We aimed to communicate a sense of responsibility in a positive, empowering way. Using 2D animation, we showed simple characters and environments, and used bright colors and upbeat movements to keep the tone uplifiting. By visually representing the strength of community among LLA employees, we reinforce how imperative it is for employees to keep LLA’s work environment healthy.

Liberty Latin America
2D Animation

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