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Animated Explainer Video

Is your house too cold in the winter, and too hot in the summer, no matter house much you control the thermostat? Sealed solves that problem by improving your home structure with insulation, air sealing (of course), and smart home technology to keep you comfortable all year long.

animated service video

The challenge:

Did you know up to 30 percent of the temperature controlled air in your house can be lost due to air leaks, old insulation and aging equipment? Sealed tasked us with creating a video that explains this problem, and how their company offers a low-cost service that helps people feel comfortable in their homes and increase energy efficiency. That created a challenge for our team—how do you visualize a problem that you can’t actually see?

The solution:

We created an animated explainer video that imagined hot and cold air as colorful molecules seamlessly flowing in and outside of homes. Seeing the dynamic journey of these shapes demonstrated how air interacts with the gaps and cracks in homes structures. But this video isn’t for air, it’s for people. It was super important to accurately visualize the discomfort people feel in their homes because of air leaks. And conversely, the feeling of comfort — you know that barefoot on the hardwood, no hoodie needed feeling? Or that hot outside, but cool inside feeling?

2.5D Animation

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