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8 Reasons to Work with Demo Duck

When it comes to crafting a video for your business, I realize there are plenty of production companies out there to choose from. Since I launched Demo Duck five years ago, it seems like the number of studios offering explainer videos has increased ten-fold. And while I can’t tell you how we compare to everyone else out there, I can tell you what I know we do well, and why you should consider giving us your hard earned money.

1. We focus on what matters most

Beautiful visuals, a snappy soundtrack, and a smooth voiceover are all part of a successful video, but they’re not the most important. When it comes to producing a video that effectively tells your story and delivers a compelling message, you need a solid foundation. You need a creative concept that is unique and on brand along with a script that addresses the key benefits of your product or service and drives action.

Before we even pick up a pencil, we take the time to understand your business and analyze your brief. Whether it’s a conference call with you and your team, or an in-person meeting, we want to ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal.

2. We create videos from scratch

Remember when everyone had a GAP hoody? Looking the same may have been cool in 6th grade, but the last thing you want is a video for your business that looks just like everyone else’s. That’s why each and every video we create at Demo Duck is 100% unique. We craft the scripts, illustrations, and storyboards by hand, and then piece together the video scene by scene. It takes more time, but the wait is well worth it. Here’s a peek at the step by step process behind our video for BaseCase.

3. We have experience

The older I get, the more I appreciate people with experience. My parents call it wisdom, and not only does it help you get things done faster, better, and more efficiently, it helps you avoid the mistakes you made in the past. At Demo Duck we’ve shipped well over 200 videos in less than 3 years. That’s a lot of lessons learned! Each and every day we’re working on videos and learning something new, what works and what doesn’t.

4. We want to be your video partner

As we’ve matured as a company, we’ve started to partner with our clients, not just produce for them. There’s a big difference. Producing means taking what you’re told and executing someone else’s vision. Partnering means being intimately involved in the creative process and working closely together to bring a shared vision to life. And while we may have spent thousands of hours creating video, you have thousands of hours with your business, which means a true partnership is the only way to create amazing work.

5. We take pride in our work

Every video we create has our client’s name on it, but it also has our name behind it. We want to spend time working on videos we love, and we want to be proud of the work we publish. We’re not afraid to challenge you if something you suggest isn’t best for the video, and we’ll never shy away from working overtime to get something right. While the money is nice, at the end of the day, our mission is to work on projects we enjoy, that challenge us, and that we’re all proud of. We think that philosophy works in your favor too.

6. We deliver measurable results

It’s easy for everyone to lose sight of the ultimate purpose behind creating an explainer video – to make more money. Sure they can be cute, funny, and even emotional, but without the primary goal of explaining your product or service better so more people make a purchase, frankly, they’re a waste of time and money.

So when Crazy Egg approached us to help them create an explainer video for their website visualization tool, we delivered on that objective. After posting the video front and center on their homepage, Crazy Egg saw conversion rates increase by 64%, producing an extra $21,000 in extra monthly income.

7. We work differently

Most studios have an in-house team of designers, animators, and videographers. Not the case here. I made an intentional decision when I launched the company that we wouldn’t hire a full-time creative staff. Instead, we partner with some of the most talented creatives from all over the world on a project by project basis. That scares some people off, but hopefully our work speaks for itself.

Instead of being constrained to a limited range of styles and capabilities, this model gives us the flexibility to assemble a small team around your project that can provide a nearly limitless range of creative styles (e.g. clean, modern, cartoon, corporate) and techniques (e.g. 2D, 3D, stop motion, live action). And let’s face it, most of the best creatives are freelance anyway (and living outside Chicago)!

8. We are small and scrappy

We have a small but mighty team here, and I think it works to our advantage. Not only does your project get smothering one-on-one attention from a dedicated project manager, but almost everyone here will put their fingerprint on your project at one point or another. Hey, we’re all in the same room together, hard not to chime in sometimes!

Being small also means we’re scrappy and can find ways to get things done in a time crunch and on a tight budget. No big overheads or company yacht, just a small, fun-loving, talented group of hard workers.

I know Demo Duck isn’t going to be the right partner for everyone, but if these 8 reasons resonate with you, please get in touch. We’d love to chat with you!

Written by Andrew Follett
Andrew is the Founder of Demo Duck, a video production agency. He lives in Chicago, loves startups, and enjoys traveling. You can follow him on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.