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8 Stock Music Sites that Don’t Suck

The word “stock” makes a lot of people cringe, and we don’t blame them. Stock media has a bad reputation for being cheesy, “dated”, and lacking in quality. But forget all that nonsense when it comes to music, licensing music for the web has come a long way! Gone are the days of elevator music, gently wailing 80’s guitars, and sax melodies (sorry if that’s your thing).

stock music for video

Now your explainer video / film project / commercial video / video blog can be polished off with an amazing track from artists who bust their butt to bring you something new and fresh on the regular. And the good news is, there are options for any budget and any project… from the small wedding photo slideshow, to the indie film trailer, you’ll be able to find a great tune to polish up your project!

While there are dozens of sites out there, we tend to stick to a few key players depending on our budget, scope, and style of music. So let’s take a look at some of our favorite stock music sites when it comes to video for business:

1. The Musicbed

The Musicbed brings a voice to indie musicians, making their music accessible (and affordable!) to filmmakers, agencies, non-profits, and more. Their recently relaunched site makes it easier than ever to find the perfect track for any type of project. “The new Music Bed site is all about us getting out of the way and putting the music — and the musicians — front and center.”  – Daniel McCarthy


  • You can search for songs based on unique characteristics such as “dubstep”, “gypsy”, “mysterious”, and “raw”.
  • Visual waveforms make it so that you can literally see how the music is structured. No more guessing on the progression of a song!

Follow your favorite flock.

2. Premium Beat

Premium Beat provides a handpicked, limited selection of royalty free music in both traditional and modern styles.


  • Exclusivity is crucial to Premium Beat If you hear something on Premium Beat, you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. The only exception is when it comes to classical music.
  • Premium Beat does not automatically accept all submitted music. They stress quality over quantity, and constantly sift through their tracks and eliminate music when necessary.

3. AudioJungle

AudioJungle is a large scale music marketplace where users can both buy and sell royalty-free music and sound effects. Some of their licensing can be a bit tricky if you’re tackling a commercial video production so pay close attention to that as you check out.


  • Low prices! AudioJungle is the perfect solution for businesses on a budget. While their songs may not be exclusive or super unique, they still have lots of quality options.
  • Not just music, they have code, templates, photos, and more! AudioJungle’s parent company Envato prides themselves on being the leading marketplace where consumers can easily buy and sell all types of media. They also offer tutorials and courses to advance your creative skills.

4. Marmoset

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Marmoset takes the handcrafted approach to stock music, cultivating what they call their “nest” of original music done in-house as well as a curated list of independent artists.

“We don’t believe there’s anything “stock” about music crafted with hands and hearts.” 


  • Their unique filter functions allow you to search their collection in a number of ways including using colorful “storytelling” adjectives, or sorting by the song arc (a trademarked process).

stock music for video

  • Can’t find the right tune to fit your project? Why not try a custom song! Marmoset has an excellent track record of producing custom pieces for brands like Nintendo, Toms, and Levis. Some of their artists have even been known to tweak existing tracks to better fit your explainer video.

Honorable Mentions

5. License Lab: Exclusive licensed music, smaller selection of high-quality tunes, not royalty free. Hands-on, personal approach to finding music.

6. Tunefruit: A fun, fresh music marketplace for online video with convenient searching by popular genres and tags.

7. Shutterstock: Known for stock footage and video, they also have a strong pool of tracks to select from and you can tap an account manager when you’re short on time.

8. Artlist: They have a subscription-based model that bodes well for people who are making multiple videos (2-3+) each month, especially if you are looking for sound effects for those productions.


No matter what your budget is for, there are plenty of stock music sites out there to fit your business video needs and sound great too. Do you have any you’d like to add to our list? Let us know in the comments!

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  • We like audiojungle!

  • Definitely dig the indie feel from The Music Bed, they have awesome tracks! Higher budget though so not all clients go for this option.

    Audiojungle is awesome as well, there’s tons of stuff!! It’s just a matter of spending some extra time digging through the millions of tracks to find the right one. The contrast between bad and great quality tracks is a bit big. But there are awesome tracks and artists there for sure!

    Marmoset is cool, higher budget tracks as well. I feel their tracks are more film-oriented than the other sites.

    All these sites have awesome artists behind them, at the end it all goes down to the client’s taste and budget.

    Spending the right time looking for the right track is very important, maybe you’ll find 1 great one out of 100 you listened! But like it says above, music can take your video to a different level.

    Oh and 80’s guitars! Always use 80’s guitars!!! … ok no… Yeah that’s my thing…

  • buystockmusic.com

    Hi, great article!
    We’ve actually just started to look at selling on Audiojungle seriously after exploring options with other libraries and felt they provided the best user experience. We’ve even built our own site to hopefully drive traffic and sales to our music there. I’d like to add our link if I may to your list of stock music sites: http://www.buystockmusic.com

  • ccardell

    You might consider adding MusicRevolution.com http://www.musicrevolution.com to your list. MusicRevolution.com has over 30,000 tracks of affordable, high-quality royalty-free music online. New music is being added every day. I am the

  • Akira Seung

    perfect soundtrack can really tie together a video.. More
    of Background music from

  • DG_76

    What’s funny is I haven’t heard any of these sources for stock music (except Audiojungle), so thank you for posting this! I just wanted to add http://www.smartsound.com to this list as well. Good source for high quality royalty free/ stock music

  • yean g

    Thanks for sharing these sites. I m starting to look for suitable background music for my first video..will definitely look into these sites.

    • Colin Hogan

      Glad we were able to help!

  • Tristan

    Worth mentioning Vimeo’s own music store as well – https://vimeo.com/musicstore

    • Colin Hogan

      Great point! Especially if you already use them as your video host.

  • Videodude

    Any good place to source sound effects like the bubbling sounds and all for the videos?

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  • Gugge Kristofferson

    One very easy way to download free music is


  • ren

    http://www.eastaste.net was founded to harness what eastern european musicians has to offer. Great collection of affordable and unique indie tracks

  • royalty free

    Royalty free music download Excellent for Flash iteration on web-sites or just iteration in your audio editor to create an extended theme. More information collect on this web-site http://www.royalty-free.tv/

  • Also check http://amurco.com/ for music content

  • I’ve just used two tracks from AudioJungle for two of my latest videos, really love it. If you fancy some French 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SExTSQdfNDA

  • Tyler_River

    Rederred to your article on my new blog entry about my own experiences with some of these stock music sites: http://soundphenomenon.weebly.com/blog/my-first-month-selling-stock-music-and-audio

  • Aaron, the Custom Music Guy

    Hey Laura,

    Would you be interested in sharing my free collection of 83 royalty free music on this page as well?

    The link to my free resource:

    I would love to hear your thoughts about how I can improve the resource. Email: Aaron at FreeCustomMusic.com


  • Ben

    I love Warner/Chappell Production Music. They’ve got great quality and very friendly to work with! http://www.warnerchappellpm.com

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  • Ryan Johnson

    I counted 7, including the “honorable mentions.”

    • Nice catch Ryan! We recently removed one and have just added a new one in it’s place. We should be back to 8 once again.

    • Colin Hogan

      Fixed. Thanks!

  • If you are looking for nice royalty free cinematic music check my weekly uploads on http://audiojungle.net/user/miseld/portfolio?ref=miseld

  • muzikant


    Pros: Offers 100% totally free music (even for commercial purposes) in mp3 and wav format. No fees, credits and etc. No sign in to accounts – direct download.

    Cons: There are not too many track.

  • pooja verma

    Nice post .free music download for iteration on web-sites.


  • suman verma

    Very nice post ! Webmusic biz can be a unique set of outstanding cost-free internet websites.


  • Rose Davids

    What about Epidemic Sound?

    • Colin Hogan

      We’ll be sure to check them out. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Christine Costello

    Want music that is high quality and a bit different from the rest? Try http://www.freemusicpublicdomain.com They have some great obscure and unique music that is all royalty free.

  • Commit

    I am an exclusive author on Audiojungle and might have the perfect thing for your next production! Have a look 🙂 http://audiojungle.net/user/wololo_audio/portfolio

  • You should check out our boutique library if you hate sifting through thousands of tunes to find the one that works.


  • Yannis Kirimkiridis

    Great list! Also check http://www.themusicase.com

  • Thanks for the post! As a composer I’m always researching the best sites to have your music on for selling purposes. Right now I am on https://creativeready.com and it seems to be going well.

    • Colin Hogan

      Thanks for reading!

  • Bryan

    Awesome. Here handpicks best free mp3 download sites for you. Enjoy your music world. http://goo.gl/hJgWrV

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  • RimoMusic

    Thanks for a great list. Right now I am an exclusive author at AudioJungle but I feel I’m getting annoyed over the fact that only traditional corporate music and epic tracks sell well. Does anybody know if the buyers there tend to prefer that more than on other sites or is it the same everywhere? Any suggestions on a site that tries to be more creative than AJ?
    Please, visit my profile http://audiojungle.net/user/rimomusic?ref=RimoMusic

  • Zackary Binker
  • Draganov89
  • Robert Clay

    Nice post. Only miss filmtrax.com, an awesome library with indie artists music, fair prices and a great search system.

  • Bronwen Rees

    Are you a video producer who regularly uses stock music providers for your projects?

    Do you use royalty-free music?

    Ever produced a video and realised you don’t have the music to go with it?

    Ever written a silent movie and not known where to find the soundtrack to accompany?

    If any of these questions sound like something you’ve encountered – then you’re exactly who we need to answer the following questionnaire:

    We are trying to understand what it is that users would like and how they use royalty-free music websites in order to improve the ultimate user experience.

    As a user of royalty-free music sites, we think you will be able to help us with this short questionnaire: http://goo.gl/forms/nNr1qYCPUALfnXXl2

    As a thank you, we’d like to offer you 25% off your first purchase from a new royalty-free music platform launching later this year.

  • Mika

    Great list, check also http://www.hooksounds.com. Although it’s more quality over quantity oriented.

  • Dmitry

    Hey! Great article! I’m exclusive audiojungle author!
    If you want a good sounding music for your projects, you can find it in my portfolio. Good luck! 😉 https://audiojungle.net/user/dredlockmusic/portfolio

  • John Krause

    New licensing site for online videos (commercial use ok) and indie films. High quality indie music written and recorded by real bands. Boutique and curated: http://www.goodoakrecordings.com

  • Slasner Rensals

    Audiojungle is one of the most popular ones. Music is reviewed before it can be uploaded so there is quality control and there are a wide variety of genres and purposes to choose from. https://audiojungle.net/?ref=Slasner

  • Tim Rheinwald

    What about http://www.soundtaxi.com.
    Check their projetcs site http://www.soundtaximusic.com

  • NEO Sounds

    Hi. Just wanted to mention https://www.neosounds.com as another source for royalty free stock music. Premium music, simple licensing and pricing.

  • Hey That list really sounds Good. But You can also try this top Free music download sites https://goo.gl/f9OB5q

  • Paulo Rego

    I’m surprised Pond5 isn’t on the list. Their search tools are so useful and their website is so easy to use.

  • Bart D

    If you’re looking for originals directly from the author… http://www.bmusic.pl 🙂

  • Premiumbeat is our top royaltyfree music site as they have hand picked and exclusive tracks (with simple pricing and licensing models). Also they provide you with free watermarked versions for you to test in your project and then you can purchase it later! 😉

    Check out our article

  • TrackTour Music Library

    What about tracktourmusic?

  • Kay Brandel

    Useful information. More about free mp3 info in here goo.gl/DxbIRz, including free mp3 sites, apps, format conversion.

  • Dumaux Ser

    Great article! They’re all good sites, it just depends on what are you looking for. I’ve been selling music on AudioJungle, Pond5, LuckStock and Productiontrax (only on AudioJungle I sell exclusively) and, by far, out of them, I feel that the AudioJungle is the best, for both the customer and the authors. Prices are great, and with a library of over 450,000 tracks and sound effects (which are carefully reviewed, the review team is really good, they don’t let just anything to be uploaded), you are bound to find what you are looking for. I cannot recommend the site enough.
    And, of course, a bit of shameless self-promotion was never out of the question: https://audiojungle.net/user/dumaux_ser 🙂

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  • Jean Vercors

    Very informative and useful post, Thank you for adding another great resource of music http://www.filmtv-tracks.com/

  • Another more “premium” – ish royalty free music site is a little known but good site called soundtaxi. They are selective with their artists and not everyone gets accepted.

    If you want electronic music for your projects you can check out http://bjokib.com/background-music-for-video/ which leads to my portfolio on soundtaxi.

    • Sarah Ramler

      Thanks for the tip!

    • Tim Rheinwald

      Soundtaxi just has re-launched its site, with a modern style, improved interface, and of course mind-blowing music. http://www.soundtaxi.com

      • Sarah Ramler

        Thanks for letting us know about the update!

  • cheryl2017

    Thank you Laura for this article, another great pool of premium tracks

    • Sarah Ramler

      Thanks for the share!

  • Ethan

    I’ve started using Soundstripe, which provides high-quality songs and you can search by mood, instrument, genre, playlist, etc. http://soundstripe.grsm.io/ethanloomis

    Soundstripe provides full access to their entire music library for $10/month. You don’t have to pay any licensing fees beyond that. I’ve saved so much time using Soundstripe, and they have an amazing selection!

    • Sarah Ramler

      Thanks for the share, Ethan!

      • Ethan

        Thanks Sarah. They’ve been such a time saver for me. I used to hunt for hours for music for my video projects but Soundstripe makes it so much easier. Their quality is on par with sites already mentioned like Music Bed and Premium Beat.

    • Ryan Allen

      It’s interesting that nobody mentioned the internet’s FIRST stock music site: stockmusic.net. They have completely rebuilt and make finding the perfect music simple and quick. Humans curate everything and only let in the best tracks so you don’t have to swim through hundreds of crummy music tracks. It’s all really good music!

  • Wonderful sites! Additionally, our music library amazingmusictracks.com has over 4,500 royalty free tracks and we are currently offering a 25% off beta discount.

  • Wonderful sites! Additionally, our music library amazingmusictracks.com has over 4,500 royalty free tracks and we are currently offering a 25% off beta discount.

  • Farher

    A good guide!
    From these sites, I only knew audiojungle.com.
    I’m an app developer, and I usually use mobeyee.com for button sounds, it’s a great site.

    • Sarah Ramler-Olson

      Glad you liked the article!

  • dubois

    Hey! Here is another one:
    French producers, both in french and English, 39€/track, 12€/jingle whatever the project, the format or the length. And unlimited use! Thank you very much!

  • Hey guys, Here is a fresh top-notch royalty free music stock – https://www.foximusic.com/
    Looking for discount coupon? Hit me at [email protected]

  • Thunder Palmer

    AudioJungle music is full of watermarks

  • Nice article and some great sites! The Music Site (www.TheMusicSite.com) is also great if you’re looking to find new music and to connect with new people.

    Aimed towards independent artists, the platform includes; a music social network, indie music news, free musician tools and music services and more!

  • Frederic Bernard

    Great article Laura, thanks for sharing!

  • Liam Killen

    For those of you who are looking to get into stock music composing. I’ve been in the industry for a few years with over 160 tracks up on websites like Premiumbeat, Shutterstock Music and Shockwave-Sound. I recently recorded a bunch of my own acoustic drum loops that i use on my tracks, some of which i’m giving away for free on my website! Check it out. 🙂


  • Aleksandr Kochetkov

    Musicbed and premiumbeat for sure are premium music stocks with plenty of good tracks. Despite on that, there are many other cool guys, that delivering quality music for much less price.

    I am using AcousticBro. They have a live chat and can get ‘needed’ music for your video project in no cost, which is great feature as for me.

    You can check yourself https://www.acousticbro.com, prices start at 14.95$/per track with great quality.

    Hope that helps as well.

  • Marcus Pun

    Been using Killer Tracks for a decade. Good choices. Audio Jungle okay, not thrilled often as I would like. Whatever service you use, WATCH OUT regarding usage and the rights that go with it. Can be gnarly. Read carefully.


      Thanks for the heads up on Killer Tracks Marcus!

    • Could you not just subscribe and unsubscribe to Soundstripe as often as you need music? I’ve been using pay per track services and passing the expense on to my clients. But instead of paying for tracks at $50 each, I could just pay for 1 month of Soundstripe ($15) and use as much music as I need for that project (plus anything else I do that month).

  • Amy Harper

    Nice blog post. If anybody interested in music video Yellow Pill are the best choice for music video production.

  • A brand new site geared toward dramatic and epic sounding intros for soundtracks
    Also another that has many vocal tracks- http://www.freemusicpublicdomain.com

  • Sara Sands

    Thanks for sharing!

    Another great resource for stock music is:

    They have a great selection of music and are VERY affordable – hope this helps 🙂

  • Yoav Alyagon

    Great list!

    I would like to add http://www.foximusic.com – FREE downloads(!!) and great royalty free music from happy/upbeat/fun to modern electronics (future bass, trap, electronica) and cinematic orchestral music.


  • Nice article and many excellent websites. Just wanted to present my own work at: Music Screen website the world category is (I think) very interesting.. But you can also find good piano solo tracks, symphony and more.
    The use of the entire library is free for non commercial use, and no subscription is required before downloading the music. Enjoy!

  • Mark Joseph

    I’m surprised Killer tracks is not in this list. I’ve used most of these and KT using many more studio musicians(as opposed to keyboard generated stuff) than most of your list. Also has a much larger selection.

  • Royalty Free Links

    Thank you, never heard of marmoset. Will add it to our royaly-free list https://royaltyfreelinks.com

  • Simon

    I kinda like audiopacket.com, I recently found them by mistake and seems to be solid. There is not a lot of music yet, but easy to filter.

  • Виктория Зубкова

    Want music that is high quality and a bit different from the rest? Try https://descargarmp3.cc/ .. They have some great obscure and unique music that is all royalty free.

  • SongTub

    Steven with SongTub here. I would love to hear your thoughts on our new music licensing site, we are trying something a little different by selling our music in “pack” format. Take a look and let me know what you think! https://songtub.com

  • Angel Bird

    Hello: you can find good music right here => http://www.mp3trazaac.com

  • Alena Pashpekina

    Thank you for the suggestions! These are great places. There’s also an option to download music from Last.fm https://www.last.fm/music/+free-music-downloads, and Fugue https://icons8.com/music/ has high-quality free tracks.

  • udi

    Artlist is the most high quality site

  • Ofelia

    I use wonderfox hd video converter factory to save free music online. It’s a useful tool.

  • Wooden man

    What about Ben sounds? That guy is a god send 😉 Also I found a site specialising in more retro, unusual tracks at https://pyramidtracks.com . My clients are digging the interesting music!🕺🏻

  • Jean Vercors

    Thank you Laura for sharing this informative article – there is also https://filmtv-tracks.com/ that provides exclusive, high-quality royalty free music tracks for use in new and traditional media projects, including videos, films, television, apps and games and many of them are free to use

  • juggass14

    Aimed towards independent artists, the platform includes; a music social network, indie music news, free musician tools and music services and more!

    toptenbiz | augenus

  • Darshit Sharma

    Great share, bookmarked it and shared it with my friend 🙂


  • hollow horses

    Audiojungle is saturated to hell!!
    My top – https://Musicbed.com (indie/rock music),
    Artlist.io (some acoustic stuff)
    https://pyramidtracks.com (retro, weird, special music)

  • Sonik music

    Hey Guys, I found a library that does not have many songs yet but promises. They give free songs and if you want more quality, they sell licenses. Go take a look, I think it’s worth it. https://groovebakery.com

  • Stock Melodies

    Great choice. I would recommend this website as well if you need royalty free music for videos. Stock Melodies

    Check it out.

  • Hello ! 🙂 try also https://www.musicincloud.com for good royalty free music

  • phreesite com

    Music is soul of body music sites provide great accessibility for music enthusiast. https://phreesite.com

  • Scout Music is a 4000 track hand-picked sync licensing catalog that features emerging new artists and tracks from working producers but without the hassles and high fees of major labels and publishers. We’ve been around since 2005 and helped with 100’s of commercial and tv projects. Free music searches and searchable online catalog.


  • Melodicloud

    Melodicloud is a brand new music library with fresh hand picked production music by independent artists. Check it out here https://www.melodicloud.com

  • Late to the game here, but you might also give http://www.createmusic.com a shot. It’s new up but lets you do a crazy amount of customization on the tracks.

  • I had seen a lot of cheating and ripoff in the music industry so I will navigate carefully.

  • Jay

    I tried http://www.musicforproductions.com and I love it. Great selection and services!

  • adal2007

    (www.audiofighter.com) previously known as Audiotea is the only music
    platform FREE that allows people, users, ad agencies and other brand
    content producers to download music for videos, personal projects,
    youtube, vlogs, podcasting, and every background music use totally FREE

  • Ray

    There’s also many other sites that are good. I use audio jungle and a few others like sound.io If you’re looking for modern type instrumentals, has many to choose from too. They need to do a better search and make it easier to break down, but overall they are not bad and affordable.

  • Ray

    There’s also many other sites that are good. I use audio jungle and a few others like sound.io If you’re looking for modern type instrumentals, 20dollarbeats.com has many to choose from too. They need to do a better search and make it easier to break down, but overall they are not bad and affordable.

  • A more ethical source of Indie music is http://www.boppermusic.com. Each track is priced individually based on the license terms AND the artist’s reputation. Artists receive a fair compensation from top brands for the use of their work.

  • STB

    Just tried musicbed, and it does indeed suck. You can’t even fully preview any tracks without signing up for a trial. You can’t sign up for a trial without entering your credit card details. You can’t get stems unless you get in touch and ask. And then they *might* have stems. You can’t work with that as a freelance video producer.

  • musicfor productions

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