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Focusing on the Audience and the Message

We sat down with Eric Siu of Single Grain to chat about video marketing, YouTube Pre-roll ads, and why going viral isn’t always the best for business. Video marketing can seem like a daunting topic, especially for companies that are brand new to the game. Where should they start?

Why You Can (and Should) Spend More Money on Your Explainer Video

Spending tens of thousands of dollars on a video is nothing to sneeze at. So why should you spend that kind of cash when you can find plenty of companies charging just a few thousand (or even hundred)? Here are 7 good reasons you can, and should, spend more money on your explainer video.

Why Do Live Action Videos Cost So Much?

When a client hears how much more it costs to make a live action video compared to animation, they’re often dumbfounded about the origins of that price gap. Hopefully this post will help marketers calculate a more accurate budget before contacting prospective video partners.