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Why You Can (and Should) Spend More Money on Your Explainer Video

I’ll be the first to admit, explainer videos can be expensive! When I started Demo Duck, we were charging a fraction of the price we are today. Sure, I believe the quality of our product has increased along with it, but still, spending tens of thousands of dollars on a video is nothing to sneeze at.

So why should you spend that kind of cash when you can find plenty of companies charging just a few thousand (or even hundred)? Here are 7 good reasons you can, and should, spend more money on your explainer video.

1. Quality takes time

There are literally hundreds of hours that go into producing a 1-2 minute explainer video. A good chunk of that time can be chewed up during pre-production, just getting to know your company, understanding the industry you play in, and developing the right concept, messaging, and story.


From there, production work may include design, voiceovers, and animation for animated videos, or talent, locations, shooting and editing for live action videos. Each of these components are critical to the whole, and they’re not meant to be done in a couple of weeks on a shoestring budget. To really do it right, you need time and money.

2. Save money long-term

Doing things right may also mean you end up saving money in the end. We have a number of clients come to us because they decided to try and save money on their explainer video, and now they’ve realized they need to invest more to get the job done right. It’s like spending $10 on a haircut, and then spending $50 more to get it fixed – except in this case we’re talking about tens of thousands of dollars.

Picking the right business video partner the first time around, even if it comes at a premium, can ultimately save you a lot of money (not to mention time and headache) down the line.

3. It’s the face of your company

If your explainer video does what it should do – explain your company, product or service in a clear, concise, and compelling way – it will likely live in a visible spot on a prominent web page (like your homepage), be shared by sales reps, screened at conferences and trade shows, and ultimately become one of the first things your potential customers see about your company.


Assuming that is the case, you want to put your best foot forward and get viewers attention right away. If the video doesn’t fit your brand, reflect the quality of your product or service, accurately present your business, or use your company voice, it’s not going to be a successful piece and may end up turning away potential customers.

4. Longer shelf life

When making any large investment, you want to make sure it’s going to last. There’s nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars on a corporate video, only to have to take it down months later because it’s no longer relevant, or worse, isn’t getting results.

A good explainer video should be timeless. It should communicate your purpose, core message and unique selling proposition in a way that will stand the test of time. The visuals shouldn’t try to capitalize on a trend, they should be clear, clean, and ultimately support the message without added distraction.

We have clients who are still using their explainer video after 5 years. In a world where most companies redesign their website every 3 years, that’s not too shabby.

5. Differentiation & customization

With literally hundreds of explainer video companies out there, and thousands of explainer videos being put out every year, you want something that is going to set you apart. We often harp on the overload of cliches (“Meet Bob!”) and stock-looking characters prevalent in the industry today, which is why it’s more important than ever to spend a little more and do things differently. You need a video that is custom to you, something unique and memorable that meshes well with your branding.

6. It’s about the little things

What I didn’t mention in the first point is all the little details that go into the video production process, like music selection, sound design, art department, and more. It’s often the smaller things that make a good video great.


Spending some extra money to get the right music track, the proper talent, or the perfect location can make all the difference when it comes to creating a video that stands out from the competition.

7. You need a long-term partner

Finally, you want to work with a video partner who can help you out as your video needs grow. Spending more money on an explainer video usually means you’re hiring a team with experience and the capabilities to help you develop a video strategy and produce more video content down the line. Now that your partner understands your company, your industry, your messaging, and visual style, it only makes sense to leverage that existing knowledge and continue to create video content that fits your marketing goals.

So whether you’re considering investing in an explainer video, or need to convince your boss you need more budget, I hope you can see the upside of spending a little more. If you’d like to discuss a project, get an estimate, or talk about how Demo Duck can help you, please get in touch!

Written by Andrew Follett
Andrew is the Founder of Demo Duck, a video production agency. He lives in Chicago, loves startups, and enjoys traveling. You can follow him on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.