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Animated Explainer Video

If you do a quick search online, you can find a lot of app videos but we don't think you'll find anyone quite as well done as this animation. Some slick visuals make this video about banner ad technology something to announce to the world.

Namomedia landing page video by Demo Duck

The challenge:

Let’s be honest, typically the world of banner ads isn’t very sexy. But Namo Media is changing that by creating in-stream ads that keep users engaged with their content, without being too disruptive. Namo Media came to us wanting a video that made ads look exciting and fresh, not boring and annoying.

The solution:

Given that Namo Media focuses on the mobile world for business, it was important to mimic the feel of what life is like on your phone. With this swiping-like feel to the animation (which also helps move the plot), it’s easy for their potential customers to see how effortlessly it fits into the mobile experience. Vibrant colors and an upbeat actor show that revenue streams don’t need to be boring.

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