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Educational Video

The challenge:

Netflix approached us with a small timeframe but a big challenge: help them create a series of tutorials for new users as they prepared to launch in a slew of new countries. Which means we had to produce 5 versions of 4 different videos…no small task! Not only that, we also had to show off a level of sophistication in our animated tutorials, while not losing sight of giving viewers a very easy-to-understand run down of different features usually accomplished in educational screencasts.

The solution:

Since this was a 3D business animation, we created several animatics before we jumped into full on animation to make sure that the client knew exactly what was being delivered before too much work was done. We wanted to be as efficient as possible and when you’re animating in 3D, every frame requires that much more attention to detail.

On the back end, once the ‘master’ animation was finished, usually our English version, we retimed several scenes so they all perfectly fit their localized voiceovers. Take a peak at some the work-in-progress images below to see how it all came together.

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