ZenCash Explainer Video Case Study - Demo Duck


Animated Explainer Video


The challenge:

Producing an explainer video can be a significant investment. It’s often the first thing prospective customers see, shaping the way they perceive your brand and how they understand your product or service.

When we were approached by ZenCash to create an explainer video for their homepage, we knew it had to be something that would convey their fun, creative personality, while explaining the nuts and bolts of their service in 60-90 seconds. Here’s what we came up with.


The solution:

A few weeks later, ZenCash returned with some encouraging numbers. 74% of their website visitors were clicking play. According to a recent study by Wistia and KISSmetrics, that number is typically closer to 17%. That’s pretty darn impressive.

Of course, we can’t take all of the credit (though we’d like to), but here are a few things we learned along the way:

  • Keep your video short and sweet – Any longer than 2 minutes and you’re going to have trouble keeping viewers engaged. Shorter than 30 seconds and you may not be able to communicate your message. We’ve found 30-90 seconds to be the sweet spot for online video.
  • Put the most important material in the beginning – Don’t wait until the video is over to tell viewers about your company. We see a lot of videos that do a great job illustrating the problem, but by the time they get to the solution, most people have moved on.
  • Make your video specific and personal for the audience – Every audience is different. C-level executives, soccer moms, angsty teens. You know your market better than anyone, so make sure you create a video that speaks to it.
  • Placement is key – Be strategic about where you place your video on your website. You want to make sure visitors can find it. Don’t be afraid to make the play button big and bright!
  • Measure the results – The key to improving play rate and increasing conversion rates is measurement. Use a tool like Wistia or Vimeo Pro to analyze the performance of your video. You can do A/B tests to figure out the best length, thumbnail, and content for your video marketing strategy.

If you’re considering making an investment in online video, whether it’s an animated explainer video, live action explainer, or a screencast video, make sure you take the time and invest the money to do it right. A well-executed explainer video can pay dividends for years to come.


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